17 May 2016

With the  return of the 
Great British Sewing Bee. I am attempting
to sew more clothes just for me.
The Great British Sewing Bee  

I really enjoyed last nights show and it
seems already quite obvious who the
adventurous dressmakers are.

Someone always has to go on the first
show and I'm always gutted for them.
I always think that nerves may have got
the better of them and therefore they
don't make the best garment they could
have done.

With Esme Young joining  the GBSB , a
 fresh set of eyes and a different view 
will hopefully add more fun.  I thought she
was so kind and helpful towards the contestants.

So back to me.

Knitting has been on my mind and in
my hands.  It's been literally decades since
I knitted a garment.

So tah dah.

Here are the two jumpers I've made.

Both really simple.  My bad tension shows up quite well on the lilac jumper ( I am not complementing myself). I'm going to make another in better yarn.  Hopefully my bad stitches will not show up as easily.

The pattern is called Rectangela,
and is courtesy of Berroco.
You can find the pattern on their

I really like the design of this
sweater, although 
some days I'm not too sure about   
 the yarn I picked.  It reminds

me of a cardigan I had as a child.
Saying that I wore it a lot over

The pattern is from Prima 
magazine May 2015.  I will make it again
but in a plain yarn as
the pattern design is hidden 
in the variegated yarn.

Thanks for buzzing by.  I was thrilled to see
some friendly bloggers leaving comments
on my last post.  You are so kind.

Bye for now.


8 May 2016

Can't quite make up my mind whether I want to return
 to blogging but  I have still visited many of my blogging friends.
I've often sneaked by and looked in on you but not commented.

Over the past year I've still been crafting, although not
as much as I would like to.  My stash of yarn and fabric 
continues to grow and grow.

I've had some wonderful experiences over the past year.  
We holidayed in Florida.  Our 19 year old son came along
 and we all had a great time.

I celebrated my 50th birthday.  Our wonderful daughter
had arranged for us to go to Rome to celebrate our 25th
wedding anniversary and our 50th birthdays.  What a 
wonderful gift and we had the most amazing time.

I was challenged to do something just for me.  So I asked
my OH to buy me a flute for my birthday.
 I have never picked one up since I was 17 
but I'm really enjoying relearning.  
Which proves your never too old.

So as I'm back to sewing, crocheting and knitting on more
of a full time basis I'm going to try once again to keep up the blog habit.

So if you've popped by to say hello again thank you so much
and if it's the first time you've visited have a look around.


14 March 2015

A very short happy this week.
I ordered this yarn from

I plan to use it for creations for my
shop.  I really wish I could wear these
gorgeous yarns but wool makes me itch.
 I have to say a big THANK YOU to my 
daughter who took me to the 
Teacup Kitchen in Manchester
for Mother's Day.  We celebrated early
on Thursday.  Sorry no pics but
trust me it's worth a visit as they have some
wonderful teas to try out.
Have a wonderful weekend
Happy Mother's Day to all
you Mums/Moms/Mummys
PS go and share your happy over at
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8 March 2015

The baby blanket is completed
and now at it's new home.
The owl pattern is courtesy of Love the Blue Bird
and the granny squares are from Purl Soho, thanks peeps.
I made a top with fabric my daughter said
she didn't like when I was going though
a stage of making her stuff.
The fabric only cost £1.70 so another bargain.
I am going to use it for throwing on before
 and after yoga classes.  It's one of my
favourite Prima pattern's from June 2014
Prima Magazine - Pattern, June 2014 (02)
And finally a little bit of calligraphy.
I wanted to make some pictures
with positive sayings for out hallway.
I have used a lotus design for the background
which I'm not too sure about. But I can
always have another go. 
Finally I'd like to share this video my
daughter shared with me.  It really filled
me with joy and I 
hope it makes you smile.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend
and thanks for stopping by.

I'm joining in the fun at

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