5 December 2013

This year I joined in the Cracker Swap at
Mad about Bags.   It's a lovely swap, basically
how much can you fit in a kitchen roll tube.
You then wrap it in fabric or in my case I
crochet a cracker and send it off to your 
swap partner.  This year I was paired up with
Joy from Daisy Row, who sent me this gorgeous cracker. 

  It's wrapped in lovely fabric, I have yet to decide what I'm going to turn the fabric into.   Want to have a look what's inside?
 Lots of lovely little presents.
Here's what was inside.

Now lets see if I can remember everything that was in.
Chocolate bar, a finger of fudge, bookmark, a magnet,
bracelet, a packet of tissues (I was going to treat myself to some of these the other day, so I was thrilled with these), coaster, thread, ribbon (so pretty), paper clips, tiny post it notes (these will come in very handy)
and this gorgeous card.  She had tied the presents with snowball effect wire ties which I am keeping to reuse along with the lovely ribbon which tied the ends.

 What an amazing amount that Joy got in the cracker. 
Thanks for stopping by.  Apologies to my fellow bloggers.  I have been struggling with migraine attacks this week and looking at a computer screen is not good.   I promise to catch up when my head has settled down.

Thanks for popping by and if you've commented thanks again.



  1. Well this certainly puts a totally different slant on a kitchen roll. I will be checking mine when I next buy a packet form the supermarket!! Lol. My goodness such a lot stuffed in. You must show what you sent to Joy.
    hugs Mrs A.

  2. That is the most brillant idea for a swap! All those wonderful treasures tucked and wrapped in a small tube! You Island Gals take my breath away and inspire beyond words!
    I hope you feel better blog friend! Truly! Christmas needs YOU! xoDebi

  3. Ali, thankyou for being my swap partner, so sorry to hear you are suffering with migraine, hope it goes away soon. It's such a cold and windy day today, best stay indoors and keep warm. Mrs. A. if you click on the Daisy Row link above you'll see what Ali sent me, it was lovely. Joy x x

  4. Wow!! What lovely pressies!! Amazing how much you can get in a kitchen roll tube.....I'm still preparing mine to send out.....

  5. What wonderful crackers you and Joy have sent each other. I do love seeing how much can be squashed into the kitchen roll. I'm still putting my crackers together. X

  6. That's a great amount of things stuffed into the kitchen roll tube. Well done to both of you! :o)

    I hope you feel better really soon, Ali. Gentle hugs to you.

  7. Wow! what a lot of items. A bit of a Tardis that kitchen roll. Great idea. I shall have to keep my eyes open for this next year.
    I use to have migraines a lot, not so much now so I sympathise, hugs to you.

  8. ~ And I my friend have your knitted rosy red cracker to bring out this Yule tide....Gosh that year has flown by Ali!
    Lovely bits and bobs sent here in this delightful cracker!! Ali, take care of you and I sympathise too with those migraines.....Pesky things they are...Hugs and blessings of the season , Maria x

  9. So sorry to hear you've not been feeling too good. As a fellow migraine sufferer (thankfully I don't get them that often) here's a virtual big hug.

    What a lovely idea. Maybe that could be something us 'handmade Monday' folks could do next year.

    Take care xxx

  10. Do hope you are feeling better now!
    Wishing you and yours Ali a magical Christmas time...Merry Merry Christmas!

    Amanda x

  11. What a great cracker! And a wonderful idea for a swap.
    I hope that things are starting to pick up for you and that you're going gently with yourself xx


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