10 August 2014

I'm now onto my second piece of fabric
which I purchased from Abakhan last week.

I wanted to make my daughter another top.
In hope I can covert her to bespoke homemade.
She picked Prima's August Pattern.
 Prima Magazine - Pattern, August 2014 (02)
Thanks to Sew, incidentally for pic, I have already given away the magazine.
So this is what I've created.
My third try at a concealed zip and
I'm thrilled that they've got easier each time.
It is supposed to have a hook and eye at
the back but I am going to use one of these
buttons.  If you fancy let me know which you
prefer.  Or if your reading this Cat (daughter)  
text me and let me know which one you'd like.

If your very eagle eyed you'll notice it's
not hemmed yet, I'm waiting for my daughter
to try it on.
Unfortunately I didn't have enough 
interfacing which meant I had to head
back to Abakhan again.  So this meant
being drawn into buying more fabric.
 And when I got home I found that some of the
interfacing I had bought was missing from the bag.
So I have to go back tomorrow to collect it.
You know what that means?  I will be tempted to
buy more fabric.  I am going to have to walk in
the store with my eyes shut.
I hope you've all had to wonderful weekend.
Yesterday I sat outside reading the new issue
of love sewing, planning new makes.
Today however has been slightly different.
I had to rescue our parasol from blowing away.
Such weird weather here in the UK.
For now I'm staying warm and heading over to
Handmade Monday

Submarine Sunday 
Frontier Dreams

Thanks for buzzing by.

Here's my daughter wearing the finished top.
I was told I could not include her head.
FYI if you have this pattern I added about
3 inches to the length it's very short otherwise.
And the pink button was chosen for the back.



  1. What a smply gorgeous top. I love that material. I bet you left the interfacing behind on purpose so you would have a good excuse to go back to the fabric shop! lol

  2. I can never go to Abakhan for say 'a zip' without spending at least £12!! You picked up some nice fabric there though so worth the second trip :)

    1. It's like a candy shop for crafty people :)

  3. Your top looks fab, I've never had a go at dressmaking, don't know if I could follow a pattern! I'd go for either the black or pink button. Xx

  4. Another lovely top, Ali. What a good idea to "forget" some of the interfacing! LOL

  5. What a fun top! Love the fabric :) I think any of the buttons you've selected would work well but i think my fav is the flowery one.

    Haha it is soooo hard to avoid buying fabric isn't it, there are just so many gorgeous ones out there waiting to be made into something lovely! :)

    1. Thanks Natalie. I like both the flowery one and the pink but no news from my daughter yet. I'm hoping to resist temptation tomorrow.

  6. You have done a lovely job. I like the metallic button the best I think.

    1. Always love seeing your lovely smiley puppet here. Thanks for your vote.

  7. Nice maneuvering ! 3 visits ! Resist! Resist! Na! You sew beautifully! Memories, are priceless!
    Love the buttons, good luck chiosing, beautifully done xoxoDebi

  8. I really love that top! You've also made me pine for Prima magazine!! I love that magazine!
    Have a great up and coming week!
    Tammy x

  9. You can never go "wrong" with Reindeer! Love that fabric! - oh, and go with the shiny pink button. With a shiny thread... Or, the pearl one...
    BTW, I know how you feel about fabric shops. I'm a sucker for doing Remnant-"RESCUE"! - [the "saving" of that LAST meter on the Bolt...] - Or, through the rack at one of our local thrift stores... Although, Someone There has been "pricing" stuff on the high-side!
    Meanwhile, there's the Fact that I DON'T SEW!! - I know "how", but I just haven't gotten around to it in DECADES! But, like my MEGA-yarn-STASH, I just love to BUY the STUFF!!

    1. Your comment had me in stitches. You won my daughter picked the pink button !!

  10. Luckily I do not live near this shop so my wallet is safe. Love making clothes but I mainly to recycling for me. Sophie gets most of the new makes around here. How are you finding the Love Sewing magazine? Is it worth buying as it is often in a plastic bag and I can not read half of what is written on the front cover due to additional "bits" in front.

  11. What a lovely top. The fabric is gorgeous. Well done with the zip. Zips can be a a pain at the best of times but a concealed one....

    Such a tragedy that you've got to back to Abakhan. A tough job but someone's got to do it !!!! xx

    1. I was very good. I just walked in and walked back out, shocking I know.

  12. What stunning material, I love, love, love it!

    1. Thank you so much Josie. I'm glad to say my daughter is thrilled with it to.

  13. What a great top, and your comments on the concealed zip made me laugh, as that has caused me a few problems on my recent makes until I finally remembered how to do it.


Thanks for buzzing by and commenting.

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